Gone Fishin’


“When you

fish for love,

bait with

your heart,

not your brain”

~  Mark Twain





The brain is the receptor of the senses;

sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

The heart is the receptor of love.

Do not try to intertwine the brain and

the heart because your beautiful, sweet tasting,

silky smooth aromatic flower,

the one who sounds like angel,

may turn out to be the devil in disguise.

Today, let God bait your love hook for you

and be content to know that She/He will

let you catch the one your heart  needs,

not necessarily the one your brain thinks you want.

Love is fishin’ with the heart.

Love is helping someone love themselves.


ME and the Boss








About Michael_e

Retired in Florida, God's waiting room... Writing to maintain a sense of purpose. Click on picture to link to As A drunk Sees It. View all posts by Michael_e

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