The Strongest Passion



is of all


the strongest,

for it



the head,

the heart

and the senses.”


Lao Tzu


Body, mind and soul, love is the only way to go.

Be strong; a half hearted, tentative, maybe

attempt to love will only make one weak.

Enjoy the love, allow it to control your thoughts,

permit it to fill your heart and let it consume your senses.

Today, do the will of your Higher Power,

let your love be unconditional.

Love is the strongest passion.

Love is helping someone love themselves.


ME and the Boss







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Retired in Florida, God's waiting room... Writing to maintain a sense of purpose. Click on picture to link to As A drunk Sees It. View all posts by Michael_e

One response to “The Strongest Passion

  • BeWithUs

    Awww….as always…your words are so filled with kindess and strength….wonderful and insightful thoughts on love…thank you very much for sharing~ Cheers!!! 😀

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